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About us

Presse à platine


Founded by two enthusiasts of art, Pop Culture and timeless materials, Artéonn, house of creation and modern craft printing, offers designs worked in sobriety, the finesse and elegance thanks to a sharp and exclusive expertise based on the use of the platinum press.
In 2019, the house acquires new old typographic presses dating from the 50s, coming to register the artisanal hot gilding in their creations, which then becomes their trademark.

These presses used most often in high-end communication, Artéonn diverted their primary use by using them to make wall decoration.
Following the growing success of the first creations, Artéonn created in 2021 an artistic workshop entirely dedicated to the exploitation of this expertise bringing authenticity and tradition to the charm of icons of decoration and pop culture.

Poster Hello Kitty

For the (BIG)

With this process, we wanted, among other things, to pay tribute to these legendary brands that rocked our early childhood and gave us the desire to do this job today.

The art of letterpress brings them a sophisticated and timeless dimension, allowing creations even from a childish universe to take place with elegance in living rooms and no longer only in children’s rooms or gaming rooms!

Our prints become exceptional pieces, ready to be exhibited with pride.  The letterpress thus offers an aesthetic renaissance, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary, allowing everyone to rediscover the intrinsic beauty of varied subjects such as those of Pop Culture from a whole new angle.


Passionate about graphics, beautiful materials and their transformation, the Artéonn technical office combines mastery of artisanal printing tools and continuous research into new fields of application, in the service of innovation.


A creative SKILL


Coming from the Fine Arts of Liège, the creative and artistic direction of Artéonn offers a reinterpretation of the traditional codes of wall decoration through aesthetic, contemporary creations, always with a hint of magic!

Each of our designs is an original and unique creation.


The Platen Press - LETTERPRESS

An ancient exclusive manufacturing process, the platen press makes it possible to strike the paper (45/60 tons of pressures approximately) by thermo-regulated heating system according to the unique constraints of each paper used: it is an exceptional tool allowing high quality creative executions in optimal respect of the materials used. 




Gold, colored, shiny, matte, holographic, 3D, textured, or in real gold 22 carats, hot stamping gives each creation a unique rendering for an iconic interpretation of the designs.


Confidential EXPERTISE


Mastered by a handful of craftsmen, letterpress is historically used in luxury products to sublimate visual identities through business cards, exceptional packaging or menus of starred restaurants. 



Artéonn uses very high-end paper, traditional and emblematic of the luxury sector such as Colorplan tinted in the mass for a deep color that has not undergone any chemical treatment.


The luxurious Kurz marking films, international leader, are used to express aesthetics in our creations, in a highly qualitative but also eco-responsible way.


Our magnesium plates allowing us the hot marking of our works from our original drawings, are made in France. 





100% recyclable and biodegradable, our papers are certified FSC (from sustainably managed forests) and ECF (not using chlorine for paper bleaching).

Capture d’écran 2023-12-13 à 18.03.00.jpg

High-end papers,
opening the field of possibilities to

The wide range of high-end papers we have becomes the perfect canvas to bring our most imaginative ideas to life. 

At Artéonn, the diversity of textures, finishes and colors of textured, smooth papers, and much more, opens us to an extremely vast world of artistic opportunities! All this coupled with hot stamping make our creations real works of art.

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