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How it work's ?

Letterpress is an ancient printing technique which consists of pressing letters into paper using a typographic press.

The design is first drawn and then engraved on a magnesium plate

(formerly the characters were in lead) and finally, pressed either cold with ink or in our case hot with gilding films in the paper.



To begin, our designers hand-draw each design on a graphics tablet to prepare it for engraving.

Please note, this is not a simple drawing! It is, in fact, very important to respect a few very specific rules so that the file is compliant for engraving.

One small mistake and everything is ruined! 


The digital drawing is sent to the cliché to be engraved on a magnesium plate. It is our press operators who then take over and place the cliché in our old presses to begin printing.
Know-how, patience and attention to detail are essential! Each placement is precise and succeeding in taming these old ladies is really not an easy thing!




We then use a hot stamping film which will, as its name suggests, be hot marked (around 120°) on the paper using our machines and their heating modules. 

These have a pressure of up to 60 tonnes on paper! This is why, theThe papers we use are very high-end soft art papers that support this deformation so that they do not tear under the pressure exerted by the machines.

Thanks to hot gilding, our works come alive in the light, which is why we advise you to place them near a light source (natural or artificial) LED lights, for example, bring out the reflections of the works in holographic gilding.

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