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"Siamese cat" Letterpress art poster

Size: 30x40cm

Orientation: Portrait

Marking: Hot stamping by pressure

Color: Shiny gold

Paper: Colorplan Mist (cream) 350Gr/m2


° If you order it unframed, this A4 poster will be delivered to you in its packaging autoporté Art&Frame by Artéonn, accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

Clever packaging designed to allow you to display your poster instantly thanks to its self-holder, you don't need for a frame! This box will perfectly protect your poster and will serve as a gift box if you wish to offer one of our works as a gift.


° If you opt for a framed option, your poster will be delivered to you framed in the frame of your choice.


° Sober and elegant, this poster will find its place in all interiors without distorting your current decoration.

Affiche chat Siamois

PriceFrom €38.90
  • Your poster is the evidence of the first printing techniques invented. It is produced in our workshop in Provence. We do not use inks. The design, engraved on a metal plate, is pressed strongly into the paper, so as to create a relief, called in the printing pressa "deboss"

    In order to engrave this metal plate, a line drawing, in black, and digital is essential.So we draw all the designs on a graphic tablet, with digital pencil as we could on paper.

    We place a marking film with aluminum pigments between the paper and the metal piece. When pressure is exerted on the paper and the cliché is hot enough,the pigments are transferred into the hollow created by the high pressure.

    Our papers are Art "tender" papers in other words, they accept deformation, without tearing. They are made from virgin paper pulp, are dyed in the mass for a deep color, respect environmental standards in the best possible way and are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

    They are, without a doubt, the noblest papers that we still have the chance to work on today.

    More information about our papers here

    Production settings and preparations are manual and artisanal, no digital guidance is used, since our platen presses date from the 1950s. ingenious mechanical make these presses the natural guardians of this Art which will communicate elegance and quality like no other printing technique: LetterPress

    Each strike is specific, and tiny particularities may appear, this is normal and testifies to the artisanal technique.

  • All our frames are Premium

    thickness 3.5 cm.

    Supplied with wall hooks and protective plexiglass.


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